Business IT Consulting

Binovia for Business offers business IT consulting services to help make the technology that runs your business and daily operations more efficient and productive for you.

Business Computer Repair

Binovia for Business can help repair your business computers and get them back up and running quickly. We also offer onsite computer repair services for fast paced businesses that need emergency service.

Offsite Data Backup

Never lose your valuable personal or business data ever again with our offsite data backup services. Even your backups are backed up with us and are kept secure and safe for you. Our easy to use software lets you backup or restore your data automatically.

Business Computer Networking

Whether you want to setup a wireless network for your business or just become more efficient by having all of your devices and computers sync data easily we can get your network setup right and eliminate the cords forever with our computer networking services.

Data Recovery

If your business has suffered a data disaster, let us help you put your mind at ease and restore your valuable data with our professional data recovery services. We can help make it like it never happened.


Los Angeles IT Consulting Needs

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Written by: seogon

Los Angeles business owners should strongly consider hiring a professional IT consultant company in order to keep business technology running smoothly.  Binovia For Business provides many IT consulting needs for any sized business and is a preferred choice for Los Angeles IT consulting.  It is essential that a business properly maintains their computers and utilizes these available programs in order for their business to run smoothly.  Choosing the right consultant is of major importance, and Binovia For Business has shown to be a top choice for this decision.

The Benefits of On-Site Support

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Written by: seogon

When acquiring an IT consulting company for your business, it is necessary to consider the benefits of choosing a company that provides on-site support.  Many computer problems cannot be fixed from a remote location, therefore selecting a company that offers on-site Los Angeles computer support is necessary.  A permanent in-house IT staff proves to be too costly for many businesses; so outsourcing this task is a viable option.  Binovia For Business will provide this service for you, and will do so for the right price.

Do You Have A Backup Plan?

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Written by: seogon

Keeping your business’ data safe may be one of the most important tasks an owner does.  Lost or damaged data can hinder your business affairs substantially, and can sometimes be irrecoverable.  Installing a data recovery or backup plan can act as a safeguard in the event of a hard drive crash or data misplacement.  Binovia For Business will help create this back up plan and has the ability to recover valuable business data if a crash occurs. Contact Binovia For Business today for your Los Angeles data backup needs.

Think of the Memories!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Written by: seogon

How much music do you have saved on your computer?  What about pictures?  Now think about how many of these are backed up.  Chances are, many- if not most- music and picture files would be lost if your hard drive crashed.  A computer does not last forever, which means your saved information won’t either- unless you take time to back them up in some manner.

We specialize in personal data backup, so you can worry less about losing information saved on your computer.  It’s nearly impossible to retrieve all lost data when a hard drive crashes and considering that eventually all computers die- remote data backup is a necessity!

No Room For Error

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Written by: seogon

In the business world, there is no room for a major setback of any kind, especially when it comes to the safety and security of information.  Without a safeguard, a business’ mission critical data is at risk of being lost or damaged by a hard drive crash.  Through the use of a proper business data backup system, a company’s invaluable data, as well as profits, can be saved when a hard drive or server crashes and data is not recoverable.

If your business’ data was lost today, would you be able to function properly without all of that information?  Is your data already safely backed up off-site in the case of disaster or storage device failure? Remote data backup is a necessity for any size business in any industry in order to protect from data loss.  Aside from the data backup, business owners and IT departments should ensure that their online data backup company provides secure storage as well as quick access to the data in the event a restore is necessary.

Hard drives don’t last forever, but your data can.  Binovia for Business provides safe, reliable and secure offsite data backup services nationwide.  In the event of a disaster or data loss we also offer data recovery services for hard drives, raid arrays and servers, camera cards and many other media storage devices.