Business IT Consulting

Binovia for Business offers business IT consulting services to help make the technology that runs your business and daily operations more efficient and productive for you.

Business Computer Repair

Binovia for Business can help repair your business computers and get them back up and running quickly. We also offer onsite computer repair services for fast paced businesses that need emergency service.

Offsite Data Backup

Never lose your valuable personal or business data ever again with our offsite data backup services. Even your backups are backed up with us and are kept secure and safe for you. Our easy to use software lets you backup or restore your data automatically.

Business Computer Networking

Whether you want to setup a wireless network for your business or just become more efficient by having all of your devices and computers sync data easily we can get your network setup right and eliminate the cords forever with our computer networking services.

Data Recovery

If your business has suffered a data disaster, let us help you put your mind at ease and restore your valuable data with our professional data recovery services. We can help make it like it never happened.

Home Computer Networking

Not only does Binovia offer business computer networking but we also offer home computer networking also. Binovia can help you get your home computer network setup quickly and easily so that all of your devices can access your videos, pictures, games and other information that you want to share.

Home Wireless Networking

Not only can Binovia help you setup a home computer network, our technicians are also trained in wireless home network setup so that you can eliminate the hassle of cords forever and share information throughout all of your devices effortlessly.