Offsite Data Backup Services – Your Offsite Data Backup Solution!

Think about it for a minute… how much of your life do you keep on your computer? For some people, your entire life may exist on your hard drive and losing all of your valuable data can be one of the worst disasters ever to experience. Unfortunately, over 40% of people each and every year lose all of their important data due to computer crashes and other events that can be easily avoided by using a secure offsite data backup service.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of losing any of these files?

  • Personal photos
  • Family videos
  • Important financial documents
  • Customer data
  • Music files

We all know how important it is to keep your files backed up regularly and to keep them safe and secure. Binovia For Business offers worry free offsite data backup services that eliminate the hassle for you. We automatically backup your data in the background with our offsite data backup solution software and keep it safe and secure for you. Our data backup software works with any Windows computer, regardless of whether you have a laptop or PC computer.

Don’t let another virus, hard drive failure or software glitch cause you to lose your most important personal, business or financial documents ever again. Because your valuable data is kept offsite, your data is protected even if your computer is stolen. Simply download our data backup software onto another computer and you will start getting back all of your files in no time at all. Binovia For Business offers competitive priced and secure offsite data backup options to meet any budget. Whether you want to securely backup a single computer or need to backup an entire office worth of data, Binovia has a data backup plan that fits you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our offsite data backup services.

Offsite Data Backup Services – Personal Data Backup

Let’s face it, your life is busy enough as it is! You shouldn’t have to worry about backing up your data regularly so let Binovia For Business do it for you! With our Personal Data Backup plan we offer 100 GB of storage space, plenty of room for you to keep all of those important files such as pictures, videos, music and your financial information. You can back up whatever files you want, whenever you want. Our data backup software is 100% automatic and does the work for you so you can focus on living your life and not worrying about your data.

Your PC data backup is safe and secure offsite, so no matter what physically happens to your computer whether it gets lost, stolen or just plain crashes, your valuable data is protected and secure until you are able to get back up and running. Contact us if you have any questions about our Personal Data Backup plan or get your peace of mind today and sign up below for our limited time special of 100 GB of data storage for only $45/year!

Offsite Data Backup Services – Business Data Backup

Binovia For Business also provides business data backup services so that your business data is always safe and secure. What would happen to your business right now if you experienced a data loss where you lost all of your valuable customer and financial data? Data recovery services can often be expensive and is never a guarantee that you will get all of your valuable data back like it never happened.

In fact, over 90% of businesses that suffer a huge data loss close their doors within 5 years or less – your business data is literally the most important asset you have! Typical data backup systems can often be not only expensive but difficult to implement, not to mention the loss of productivity that your employees may experience if those systems operate during business hours.

Binovia For Business offers simple, reliable and secure business data backup services that keep your valuable business information offsite. No matter what happens to the computers or your office, your valuable business data is safe with Binovia For Business.

For companies and enterprises that require server data backup, Binovia For Business has you covered with our server data backup options as well! Best of all our business data backup services are more affordable than many other options available on the market today. Contact us for prices or to answer any of your questions. Protect your business today and get setup with our Business Data Backup plan and never worry about losing your business data ever again!